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Once again, science saves the day, and ethicists don’t have to scream over embryonic stem cells December 6, 2007

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The BBC reported that implanting genetically altered skeletal muscle cells into a heart after a heart attack helped lower the incidents of heart arrhythmia and tachycardia. Of course they originally used embryonic stem cells but can now produce the same effect using the muscle cells. Full story.

Also for you animal activists: British Heart Foundation medical director, Peter Weissberg, said: “This is a vital insight, only possible from animal studies, which should help direct current research using stem cells to prevent the dangerous consequences of heart attacks in people.”

In this instance, as in others, genetics and animal testing has helped us out. Both of which can of course be linked to our understanding of evolution and how adaptations (the connexin 43 protein, and the evolved adaptations of test animals) have allowed us to utilize these tools to our benefit.



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